Jody Smith Long

When Jody was a young girl, her grandmother told her that from the time Jody was a baby she had a unique presense and peaceful calming affect on people.

The truth of her observation has shown itself through out Jody's entire life.

In 2000 she began to study and practice energy healing modailities, and quickly realized she could harness her innate gifts and help people in ways that matter most to them.

Jody loves being a catalyst for people's growth, healing, and empowerment.

"Let yourself

be silently


by the stronger


of what you

really love."


"It is clear from the start that Jody loves her work! She has the ability to clear spaces and negative energy with ease. Instantly I can feel the difference. She is able to bring peace to a space quickly! Whenever I need a clearing for my home or office I call on Jody. I definitely notice a difference in myself and the people around me when the space is a clear vessel for happiness. I highly recommend Jody and encourage anyone to utilize her services."

Stacey B. Shapiro, MSW, MLC, MHP

Jody is a gifted healer with a strong spiritual light and a calming yet powerful presence. I have personally felt the effects of her energy work to clear my body of pain and "emotional debris." For years she has help me and my family members stay balanced and grounded. Jody is a channel for Divine energy and has deep listening skills to hear underneath the presenting issues. She is clearly in the flow, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to clear not only people but places too.

Rabbi Rayzel, Elkins Park, Pa

Working with Jody is a gift and a pleasure. She brings clarity truth and love to her work. Jody is expert in tracking the energy threads that are wanting transformation. And expert in facilitating transformation. I am grateful for any opportunity to experience her gifts.

Caren, Pennsylvania

"It is difficult to accurately describe the powerful effects of working with Jody. After each session (both in person and on the phone), I have always experienced positive changes including less stress, feeling more calm and peaceful, and increased energy. I would describe Jody as a wonderfully talented energy healer who has a gift of helping her clients release their unwanted blockages. Jody is a true gift to the world!"

Cliff, Massachusetts

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