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For the fall and spring equinox and the winter and summer soltice Jody faciltates free collective energy transmissions.

In order to receive the energies all you need to do is have the intention to receive them. Your intention is like tuning yourself to the radio channel that Jody will be sending energy to and through.

The attunements align us collectively and individually to the natural changes and movements of each season, and to the energies broadcasting through the cosmos. Energies we can track through astrology and feel as the celestial weather of our shared evolution.

The intention is always to create more ease, peace, and celebration for us all.

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"I believe this transmission really helped me. I can only describe the shift as a clearing simplification. I am simply more here and there is less dust flying around. There don't seem to be the entanglements around choice. I am here and I have to choose what to do. It's as simple as choose one, yes they all have consequences but kust pick one - no worries about what will follow. It's a little weird, like I somehow just landed toward the end of last week."

NJM, Philadelphia, Pa

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