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is a non-invasive interactive process of change with a proven record of success for over 25 years.

It is a way of freeing the mind of limitations formed by habits of beliefs. It balances your brain and nervous system, bringing you into a state of calm and alignment with your authentic self.

Family Constellation

is a philosophy and interactive process that promotes empowerment, compassion, and healthy belonging.

It is a way of accessing the reservoir of love and creativity deep in the roots of your families of origin. Love that got interrupted by trauma, entangled with loss, and out of order.

Energy Channeling

is connecting to and directing vibrations of life source energies to promote healing.

There are many energy channeling modalities (ie. Reiki) practiced through out the world. All originating from similar ancient beliefs, philosophies, and life affirming experiences.

All of the modalities Jody works with are co-creative processes that are directed by the intentions of the client.

They activate your body and mind's innate intellegences, healing capacities, and align you with your wholeness (holiness).

The underlying purpose is to bring you into or beyond the most clear, wise, trusting, grounded, authentic experience of yourself you can imagine.

From that place, you are able to take creative action in your life from a new orientation with in yourself. An orientation steeped in love, integrity, health, enthusiasm, and or any qualities you choose to align with.

"From the very first time that Jody and I worked together, I experienced her profound gift of healing. Jody's energy work enables and guides me to places inside me that I have previously been unable to get to on my own. Every session has aspects of similarity, yet I experience epiphanies and ground breaking insights on a regular basis. In a nutshell, working with Jody is like having a massage for my soul!!"

Glenn Kohler, Fitness Coach and Trainer

PSYCH-K®, Family Constellation, and Energy Channeling are not substitutes for professional medical or psychological treatment. They are complimentary therapies that have powerful influences on your well being and personal growth.

is when Jody does energy work on your behalf with out you being consciously aware of when it is happening. Afterwards she informs you when it was completed and passes on any information she may have received for you. If actions for anchoring the changes in your system are required she will provide you with instructions.

This is a budget friendly and powerful way of working with Jody. She loves it because it bypasses interference from the parts of you that resist change.

The most popular areas people request remote energy work are for clearing the energy of their home or place of work, removing impediments towards reaching their higher potentials, and balancing their chakras.

Jody can do remote energy healing to help you in any area of your life.

"My message to Jody the other evening read "...can you do some long distance energy work on me? Showing tomorrow and I am really trying to not be crazed and anxious, really want to focus on the joy and fun and freedoms of riding...not for the ribbons"

I ride horses and compete regularly. For the past year or so Jody has been doing energy work on me to alleviate the performance anxiety-and generalized fear that has crept up on me.

We've worked both in person and this time, from a distance: she is in Philadelphia; me: Florida.

Yesterday, as I rode around the show ring on my beautiful horse I actually, truly, really breathed in THE MOMENT and felt that freedom, that joy, that peace I wanted so badly. It was the best show experience I've had this year.

Anytime I have worked with Jody--each and every time, whether with her in person or remotely in Florida where I live, I have experienced an unexplainable emotional and spiritual shift. The way I feel ranges from lighter, freer, more at peace, with love, acceptance and feelings of faith and hope. And the coolest thing about the remote work: I can sense Jody right there with me---I never ever feel alone when she is healing me-far-near-it's all the same, and it brings me to where I am supposed to be."

Stacy, Pediatric ER Nurse, Florida

Individual Sessions:

are when Jody works in real time with an individual or couple. This can happen in person, or be over phone or video.

Sessions are tailored to your specific intentions. Together you determine which modalities are most appropriate for addressing what is presenting.

"Jody is a gentle and subtle healer. Every session with her is filled with discovery and compassion. She helped me maintain an inner balance as I received chemotherapy. Her presence infused me with vitality and an awareness of the love around me in a time when so much of my energy was being depleted by aggressive treatment. I would recommend Jody Long to anyone seeking energetic balance and personal insight."

A client who wishes to remain Anonymous

"I came to Jody with an open mind seeking clarity. I was unsure what to expect. Jody is a terrific guide on my journey to clarity. My first session with Jody was incredible. I felt freedom, I saw colors, I had an overwhelming sense of love and clarity. I look forward to each session. I have grown with leaps and bounds thanks to Jody helping align me."

Lee, Langhorne, PA


In addition to facilitating healing and personal growth sessions, Jody teaches about and guides meditation individually and in groups.

She can design the best way for you to get started, or help you deepen your existing practices.

Sessions can be done in person, or over phone, or video.

"I have a super busy life. I wanted to start meditating because I thought it would be a healthier way for me to manage stress. (as opposed to using food or wine) Jody made it so easy for me to get started and stay commited. Now I can't imagine my life with out meditation."

Lisa, New York


Jody will create a private or public customized transformative event in your home or work space.

She can give individual sessions, do group work, or a combination.

Feel free to contact Jody to discuss hosting a group of your friends, family, co-workers, or clients for an enlightening gathering.

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